Cote d'Ivoire: URECOS-CI, INFO-COOP, July, 1996

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         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         July, 1996

     (Source: INFO-COOP, Issue No.9, July, 1996, p.15-16)


          Union Regionale des Entreprises Cooperatives de la   
            zone des Savanes de Cote-d'Ivoire.-(URECOS-CI)

Urecos-CI's Objectives
Representing and defending the interests of member
co-operative societies before a third party.

Providing services that meet the needs of promoting,
consolidating, revitalising and professionalising member
co-operative societies.

Engaging in economic activities that can generate profitable
margins for Member Co-operative Societies  

Locating Urecos-CI's Operational Zone
The entire cotton production zone in Cote d'Ivoire or the
entire operation zone of the CIDT in regard to cotton
production associated with foodstuff production in COTE

The Union comprises societies (GVC and GVC Unions) in 23

Brief Description of the Development Strategies of the Apex
Integration of Member Co-operative Societies in Cotton 

*    By their participation in the operations of ordering and
     distributing inputs;

*    By the participation of their vehicles in the
     transportation of cotton seed and inputs;

*    By the share of the apex society (URECOS-CI) in the
     capital and management of cotton gins and/or
     Agro-industries whose modalities are defined by the

Diversification of activities of Member Co-operative

-    By the establishment of Sections for processing and
     marketing foodstuffs, sections for funding or mobilising
     savings by members and providing loans and sections
     involved in livestock-rearing, fattening, reproduction,
     marketing, etc...)

Structuring the Co-operative Network of the Savannah Region:

-    By promoting the transformation of GVCs into GVC Unions
     in order to homogenise its members.

-    By organising URECOS-CI services for its members and
     certain economic activities for their benefit.

Professional Management of Member Co-operative Societies:

-    Professional management of GVCs and GVC Unions in the
     Sections or Departments for production and co-operative
     organisation by employing qualified and competent

-    This action will be extended progressively to the other
     Sections or Departments of the zone of operation.

Disengagement of the State:

-    By consolidating the running of co-operative societies as
     full-scale enterprises, taking over the activities and
     roles that were hitherto undertaken by the State.

The handing-over and take-over of these activities and roles
by the Co-operative network should take place during a period
when Co-operative societies can increasingly absorb the cost
of employing necessary and qualified personnel.   

Financial Support for Members
At the moment, URECOS-CI's financial support to members is at
two levels:

*    Direct financial impact on the earnings of members
     through various negotiations (more than - 6 billion worth
     of profit made by its members from its inception until
     the end of the 93/94 season due to increases in the
     purchase price of cotton and a reduction in input, costs,
     increase in cotton differential, etc.

*    Search for funding from Support Institutions for the
     constitution of guarantee funds for bank loans and a fund
     for the diversification of activities (current).

Medium and Long-term Prospects
Consolidate the above-mentioned development strategies by
gradually adapting them to the perpetually changing


Name:                    Union Regionale des Entreprises 
                         Cooperatives de la zone de Savane de
Acronym:                 URECOS-CI DJIGUIYA  
Address:                 BP 635 KORHOGO 
Telephone:               (225) 86-05-71 
Date of Establishment:   30 November 1991    
Operational Zone:        Northern Region of Cote-d'Ivoire   
Main Activity:           Sale of Cotton 
Affiliated Unions:       34 including 300 primary
Primary Co-operatives:   459  
Individual Members:      115 879 families    
Cultivated area 93/94:   197 455 ha     
Production 93/94:        234 320 tons, that is 90.70% of
                         National Production 
Turnover 93/94:          24,603,600,000  FCFA     
Chairman of MC:          EL HADJ BAMBA KELETIGUI