Batikent Project (1995)

                 Batikent, Kent-Koop, Turkey

The Batikent Project is a mass housing development scheme for
lower and medium income groups located 10 km outside Ankara, the
capital city of Turkey, and covering an area of 10 square

The Batikent Project was launched in 1979 by Kent-Koop (Union of
Batikent Housing Construction Co-operatives) formed by groups
such as labour unions, and associations of tradespeople and
artisans, under the leadership of the Metropolitan Municipality
of Ankara.

Batikent was the first mass housing project to demonstrate the
success of public and private partnerships in the housing field
in Turkey.  It was a pioneer in bringing low income people
together in co-operatives, either by place of work or through the
workers' unions, to decide for themselves about the type, size
and number of units in their housing projects.  Housing "by the
people and for the people" has had an impact on the housing
shortage in Turkey and has kept down the sale and rental prices
in the Ankara housing market.  Today, 190,000 persons live in
43,000 housing units at Batikent.

Through Batikent and other projects Kent-Koop has accomplished
the following three basic objectives:

1.   Organized the real sufferers of the housing problem to
     strengthen their influence on housing policies.

2.   Regained, through the notion of professional co-operative
     management, the self-confidence lost by the housing co-
     operatives due to earlier failures caused by amateur
     administration and management.

3.   Created a quality urban sector through the democratic
     participation of the public and thus contributed to a
     healthy urbanization.

The main cooperation on the Batikent Project is between the
Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara (a local administration) and
Kent-Koop (a civil organization).  The central administration and
the private sector also occupy significant positions in the
project.  In this way, the Batikent Project has become a model
in Turkey for bringing together a civil organization, local
administration, and the central administration on a single

Having come together to acquire housing and forge a difficult
partnership in Turkey, the Batikent people now meet their social
and cultural needs directly through their own organizations. 
Today, the Batikent people enjoy cooperation and solidarity in
social and cultural activities and in the procurement of certain
consumer goods.

Thus, as a departure from the traditional housing co-operative
movement, Kent-Koop has taken the lead in the development of
projects to meet housing and non-housing requirements of our

For more information, please contact:

Faruk Goksu
Batikent, Kent-Koop
Simon Bolivar Caddesi
No 10/2 Cankaya, Ankara, 06550 Turkey
Tel + 90 312 441 1489 or 1490
Fax + 90 312 438 7615

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