This document has been made available in electronic format
         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         April 1996

          to the ICA European Regional Assembly



Dear Colleagues,                                       

I have the pleasure of inviting you to the ICA's European
Regional Assembly, which will be held in Budapest, Hungary on
30 October, 1996. 

As indicated in the enclosed schedule of events, the Regional
Assembly will be preceded by many important meetings,
     -the ICA Board 
     -the ICA Audit & Control Committee
     -the Board and General Meeting of the International
Raiffeisen Union  
     -several ICA Specialised Organisations and Committees
     -a special two-day seminar organised by the International
Raiffeisen Union, in collaboration with ICA, on issues related
to co-operative banking in both Western and Eastern & Central

You are also cordially invited by IRU and ICA to attend the
seminar on co-operative banking, which will be held on 28-29
October in Agro Hotel.   

At the Regional Assembly itself, our main theme will be
"Corporate Governance and Management Control Systems". The
question of how to efficiently manage and control co-operative
businesses is a topic reflecting the concern of several
co-operative movements in Europe which are seeking to
establish a Code of Practice for their member-co-operatives. A
background paper is attached for your information.  It will
serve as the basis for specific presentations and case studies
that will be made at the Regional Assembly on such key issues
as board-management relations, member participation, gender
equality, management control systems.  We would appreciate
receiving your case study covering your experience and views
on the different aspects of governance by 15 July. This would
allow us to distribute the reports to all members and it would
also assist us in introducing the  debate and formulating
recommendations for future action for approval by the Regional

I should add that the meetings will be held in the Agro Hotel
(Normafa ut 54, 1121 Budapest) a three-star hotel owned by the
agricultural co-operatives, which is some 20 minutes by car
from the city centre.  As indicated on the attached hotel
forms, other hotels may also be chosen by participants who
wish to stay in the city centre.

We would be grateful if you could return the enclosed Meeting
Registration Form to the ICA Secretariat in Geneva no later
than 30 June, along with the appropriate registration fee. 
The Agenda and the meeting documentation will be sent to all
registered participants in September.

Please return the hotel registration form to the address
indicated on the form for the hotel of your choice.

I look forward to seeing as many ICA European member
organisations as possible in Budapest.

Lars Hillbom
ICA Vice-President - Europe

p.s. For the enclosure and any further information please
contact Ms. Gabriella Sozanski at the ICA European
Secretariat, phone: 41-22-929.88.31, fax: 41-22-798.41.22 or