Background on the Training Package

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           by the International Co-operative Alliance.

                ILO - ICA Training Package 

                 AN ILO - ICA PERSPECTIVE

     Background Information on the ILO-ICA Training Package: 
              Gender Issues in Cooperatives

The idea to develop a 2-hour introductory session on gender
issues in cooperatives for cooperative leaders and policy makers
originated from discussions on gender issues held at the third
Working Session of the ILO COOPNET Programme. The COOPNET
Programme (Human Resource Development for Cooperative Management
and Networking), collaborates closely with the International Co-
operative Alliance (ICA) in programme activities. The ICA is an
independent, non-governmental association which unites,
represents and serves cooperatives worldwide. Both the ILO
COOPNET Programme and the ICA are committed to the promotion of
gender integration in cooperative human resource development

After the COOPNET Working Session, the ICA was commissioned to
develop a guide to enable the users (trainers or moderators) to
design a 2-hour introductory session on gender issues in
cooperatives. A general outline for the guide was discussed and
inputs provided by cooperative leaders and policy makers from
Asian and African countries who attended an interregional
workshop at the International Institute Histadrut (IIH) in Israel
in November 1994. This workshop on "Gender Issues in Cooperative
HRD: From Theory to Practice", was organized by the ILO in
collaboration with the ICA and IIH.

The enhanced participation of women in cooperatives and the
benefits for cooperatives of involving women as equal partners
in cooperative development are issues that are given special
attention in the guide. The main aim of the 2-hour sessions for
cooperative leaders and policy makers is therefore to generate
increased gender awareness and to encourage the integration of
gender issues in cooperative development.

It is important to note that this guide should be used as a tool
to facilitate the planning and design of gender sensitization
sessions. It outlines the possible contents of these sessions and
includes additional background information on gender. The
complete "package" contains a sensitization module accompanied
by transparencies which will assist the user in the preparation
of the session. The package also contains a poster which can be
displayed to promote the sensitization session, and leaflets
which can be distributed to participants after the session. 

Finally, it should also be mentioned that the initial draft guide
was tested by professional trainers and institutions in several
countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Their comments and
inputs were greatly appreciated and have been extremely useful
in compiling the final version.

The Training Package includes the following elements:

     Pamphlet: Brief Overview of Gender Issues in Cooperatives
     Manual:   2 Hours on Gender Issues in Cooperatives:
               Training Module covering the following topics:
                 Topic 1 - Gender Roles
                 Topic 2 - Women's Position in Society & Coops
                 Topic 3 - Gender Integration in Coops - Why
                           Important, Benefits, How

Copies of the training package can be obtained from:

          Cooperative Branch
          International Labour Office (ILO)
          4, Route des Morillons
          CH-1211 Geneva 22
          tel + 41 22 799 74 42
          fax + 41 22 799 85 72