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                ILO - ICA Training Package 

                 AN ILO - ICA PERSPECTIVE

            2 Hours on Gender Issues in Cooperatives:
 An introductory session on gender issues for cooperative leaders



     Topic 1.  Gender roles. Personal perceptions of gender
               issues. Women's "double day"

     Topic 2.  Women's position in society in general and
               in cooperatives in particular.

     Topic 3.  Why is gender integration in cooperatives
               important and what are the benefits of
               promoting women's participation in

               What can be done to integrate women in
               cooperative development and to enhance their
               participation in decision-making processes?

     Background Information


          1 A  Gender and gender relations.
          1 B  What is a role? What are gender roles?
          2 A  Statements for the "buzzing discussions".
          2 B  Statements for the "buzzing discussions" (cont.).
          3    Picture: Woman carrying a bundle of "roles".
          4    Women's "double day".
          5 A  Division of labour.
          5 B  Loss of land.
          6    Gender issues in cooperatives.
          7    Aims of the gender sensitization session.


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