Cooperative Radio Station, Austin, Texas

KOOP is community, non-profit, cooperative, radio for 
Austin, Texas.

We broadcast at 91.7 FM stereo. Check out our new WWW 

KOOP is the first radio station totally operated, 
managed and owned by its volunteers and members. We 
are a cooperative. Our mission:  To provide high 
quality, innovative, and diverse programming to the 
Austin community, with an emphasis on those who are 
ignored or underserved by mainstream media. Since we 
share the 91.7 frequency with KVRX 

the University of Texas student radio station, we 
want to make you aware of our airtime: Monday through 
Friday,  9am to 7pm.  Saturday andSunday,  9am to 
10pm.   KOOP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.