Programme of Meetings, 17-24 April, 1996

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            by the Committee for the Promotion and 
               Advancement of Cooperatives COPAC

                       50th Anniversary

                    WORLD FARMERS' CONGRESS

                     Programme of Meetings

Pre-Conference Specialized 
   Committee Sessions

Wednesday, 17 April
 9:00-17:30    IFAP Development Seminar: 'Diversification and
               product development in developing countries:
               challenges for farmers' organizations

Thursday, 18 April
 9:00-17:30    Group on Meats and Feeds
               Chairman:     Garry Wellbrock (Canada)

               Group on Dairy Products
               Chairman:     John Broddy (New Zealand)

 9:00-12:30    Standing Committee on Agriculture in Developing
               Chairman:     Garry Magadzire (Zimbabwe)

14:00-17:30    Development Cooperation Committee
               Chairman:     Bo Dockered (Sweden)

Friday, 19 April
 9:00-17:30    Group on Grains and Oilseeds
               Chairman:     Jean Jacques Vorimore (France)

               Joint Meeting of Standing Committee on
               Agricultural Cooperatives and International Co-
               operative Alliance International Co-operative
               Agricultural Organization
               Chairmen:     IFAP - Martin Nielsen (Denmark)
                             ICA  - Mario Dumais (Canada)

               Standing Committee on Women and Agriculture
               Chair:        Randi Braathe (Norway)

World Farmers' Congress

Monday, 22 April
 7:30- 8:30    IFAP Executive Committee
               Chairman:     Graham Blight, President

 9:00-13:00    Opening Plenary Session
               Chairman:     Graham Blight (Australia),
                             President, IFAP

               Welcome Address by President of host organization
                   Mr. Jean-Francois Hervieu, President, APCA

               Welcome by the Government of France
                   Mr. Philippe Vasseur, Minister of

               Opening Address by the Director-General of FAO
                   Mr. Jacques Diouf

               Message from the Secretary-General of the United

               Message from the Commissioner for Agriculture of
               the European Union

               Intervention by the Executive Director of World
               Food Programme WFP
                   Mrs. Catherine Bertini

               Fifty Years of History
                   Presentation of past IFAP Presidents
                   Presentation of 50th Anniversary Medals 

               Keynote Address by the President of IFAP
                   Mr. Graham Blight

               Election of the Officers of the Conference

               Report by the Secretary-General

               Presentation of the Pre-Conference Reports

14:30-18:00    Policy Committee

               Theme 1 - Trade and the Environment
               Chairman:     Bo Dockered (Sweden, IFAP Vice-

Tuesday, 23 April
 9:00-11:00    Special Plenary Session I
               "Agriculture: Force for today and for the future"
               Round-table discussion with farm leaders on they
               see agriculture in their region developing over
               the next decade.

               * NAFTA 
               Dean Kleckner, IFAP Vice-President, President of
               Farm Bureau (USA)
               * Africa 
               Gary Magadzire, IFAP Vice-President, President of
               Zimbabwe National Farmers' Union (Zimbabwe)
               * European Union 
               Luc Guyau, Vice-President of COPA, President of
               FNSEA (France)
               * Latin America 
               Alejandro Delfino, Sociedad Rural (Argentina)
               * Japan
               Teruo Ikeda, Executive Director, Chambers of
               Agriculture (Japan)
               * Oceania and Developing Asia
               Graham Robertson, President of Federated Farmers
               of New Zealand
               * Eastern Europe and CIS
               Vladmir Bashmachnikov, President of AKKOR

11:30-12:30    Special Plenary Session II
               "Promoting the role of farmers' organization in
               a more deregulated and liberal market

               * The development of agrarian reforms in Russia
               Alexander Zavirycha, Vice Prime Minister
               * Working with farmers' organizations to
               eliminate poverty and hunger"
               Jim Moody, Vice-President, IFAD on 
14:00-17:00    Theme 2 - A Farmer Strategy for Agricultural
               Development and World Food Security
               Chairman:     Gary Magadzire (Zimbabwe), Vice-
                             President IFAP

               Presentation by IFAP Secretariat
               Discussion and policy conclusions

Wednesday, 24 April
 9:00-10:30    Special Plenary Session - III
               "Agriculture: Force for today and for the future 
               Round-table discussion with farmers who have
               developed successful marketing initiatives

11:00-12:30    Policy Committee
               Theme 3 - Young Farmers facing the future
               Chairman:     Jean Claude Sabin (France)

               *   Introduction
               John Lee, President of Young Farmers'
               Organization (CEJA)
               *   Presentation of theme
               Christine Lambert, President, Young Farmers
               Confederation (CNJA)
               *   Discussion and policy conclusions

14:00-17:30    Theme 3 (continued)
               Chair:        Christine Lambert (France)


               * Jacques Dumers, President, Releve Agricoles du
               Quebec (Canada)
               * Steve Nunley, President, Young Farmers, AFBF
               with the collaboration of the young farmers of

14:00-16:00    Constitution and Membership Committee (IFAP
               members only)

16:30-17:30    Policy Committee
               Chairman:     Bo Dockered (Sweden) Vice-
                             President IFAP

               Discussion of the report of the Policy Committee

Thursday, 25 April
 8:30-12:30    Closing Plenary Session
               Chairman, Graham Blight (Australia), President,

               Adoption of Reports

               Declaration of the Farmers of the World

               Closing Ceremony

               Closing Address
                   Graham Blight, President, IFAP

               Closing of the Conference
                   Jacques Chirac, President of the French