What is COOPNET ?

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      by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA

                The ILO/DANIDA Programme for 
            Cooperative Development in Rural Areas

              Human Resources Development for
           Cooperative Management and Networking

In 1993 the ILO Cooperative Branch under the global ILO/DANIDA
Programme foe Cooperative Development in Rural Areas launched the
inter-regional programme COOPNET to respond to the new
development in cooperative human resource development (HRD).  The
COOPNET Programme builds on the experience the Cooperative Branch
gained in technical cooperation at the national and at the inter-
regional level, particularly with the MATCOM project (Material
for Cooperative Management Training).  COOPNET first started in
Asia and East, central and Southern Africa, and later extended
its services to Latin America and West-Africa.  It collaborates
closely with major cooperative institutions such as the
International Co-operative Alliance (ICA).

COOPNET is not a network and does not intend to create new
networks, but facilitates networking among existing cooperative
HRD institutions and their network as well as other
organizations/institutions related to cooperative HRD.  The
programme focuses on strengthening the capacity of local and
national institutions to develop their own HRD programmes to
promote cooperative development.  Its immediate objectives refer
to improved HRD policies, curriculum development, training
methods and materials, improved cooperative entrepreneurship, as
well as improved methodologies to training needs assessment and
new approaches to evaluating the impact of HRD on the performance
of cooperatives. 

Since it is of chief importance that all human resources
concerned, i.e. men and women, have access to cooperative HRD in
order to take full use of the cooperative potential, COOPNET
considers gender issues in all its activities.

More information can be obtained by contacting:

                  Cooperative Branch 
                International Labour Office
              CH-1211 Geneva 22, Switzerland


            Excerpt from COOPNET Fourth Progress 
            Review Report (INT/93/MO6/DAN) 1995.