About the COOPREFORM Programme

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      by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA

                The ILO/DANIDA Programme for 
            Cooperative Development in Rural Areas

         Structural Reform through Improvement of
     Cooperative Development Policies and Legislation

COOPREFORM aims at assisting governments and cooperative movement
in designing cooperative development policies, in facilitating
the review and revision of cooperative and associated
legislation, and in the restructuring of cooperative movements. 
The main emphasis thereby is on the economic viability of
cooperatives, improvement of cooperative support services,
stronger democratic control and the withdrawal of the state from
cooperative development.

In order to fulfil its mandate, COOPREFORM carries out advisory
and consultancy mission, organizes national and regional
workshops, creates databases on laws and bye-laws, and
commissions research assignments. 

The immediate objectives of the programme relate to the
sensitization of policy makers which would enable them to create
a favourable climate for cooperative development, as well as a
conducive legal framework for their operations, and to strengthen
cooperative promotional structures,  The activities undertaken
to pursue these objectives also aim at contributing to broader
objectives such as democratization and cooperative self-reliance.

The programme is financed by DANIDA.  However, major
contributions have been made by the ILO Regular Budget (through
Regional and Area Offices and Headquarters' personnel) and the
UNDP country planning exercises (TSS1).

More information can be obtained by contacting:

                   Cooperative Branch
               International Labour Office
              CH-1211 Geneva 22, Switzerland

*    Information from ILO/DANIDA Independent Evaluation Mission
     Report: Terms of Reference for an Independent Interim
     Evaluation, pp. 4-5 (March, 1996).