What is INDISCO ?

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        A Programme to Support Self-Reliance of 
       Indigenous and Tribal Communities through 
    Cooperatives and Other Self-Help Organizations

What is INDISCO ?
INDISCO is an interregional support mechanism that aims at
strengthening the capacities of indigenous and tribal peoples;
helping them to design and implement their own development plans
and initiatives, and ensuring that their traditional values and
culture are safeguarded.

*    INDISCO is coordinated by the ILO's Cooperative Branch in
     Geneva and was initiated in 1993 under the ILO/DANIDA
     Programme for Cooperative Development in Rural Areas. 
     Other donors supporting INDISCO projects included the
     Netherlands, AGFUND, CIDA, UNDP and the Rabobank

*    INDISCO collaborates closely with the tow other
     interregional, DANIDA-sponsored, programmes of the
     Cooperative Branch namely, COOPNET and COOPREFORM.

*    INDISCO has ongoing pilot projects in the following
     countries:  India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Honduras, El
     Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama.  A baseline
     survey is being carried out in Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana and
     Burkina Faso.  A new project proposal is under preparation
     for ethnic minorities in Vietnam.

How does INDISCO work ?
Indigenous and tribal peoples at the grassroots level are
responsible for the initial project identification.  The local
NGOs are them selected together with project staff.  The
indigenous and tribal peoples are also responsible for evaluating
their projects once a year to ensure satisfactory progress.

The local NGO partners are responsible for the project deign and
hiring project personnel.  This is followed by training of
project personnel and project implementation.  Linkage and
networking also commence.

The INDISCO National Coordinators are responsible for the
finalization of project proposals submitted by the indigenous and
tribal peoples and local NGOs.  They are also responsible for the
training of NGO and pilot project staff, data collection, project
monitoring and reporting.

At the INDISCO - Cooperative Branch level, project documents are
fine-tuned and submitted to interested donors and funding
negotiations are carried out.  The linkages between indigenous
and tribal communities and the Untied Nations, international
organizations and donor agencies are established.  Training
materials are produced and disseminated.  Monitoring and
evaluation are carried out, and general guidance and advice are

INDISCO's Main Programme Themes

1.   Strengthening of subsistence base
2.   Ancestral Domain Management 
3.   Advancement of the status of indigenous women
4.   Environment and natural resource management
5.   Capacity building of indigenous and tribal extension
6.   Preservation of indigenous culture
7.   Strengthening of local organizations

Further information on the INDISCO Programme can be obtained
               The INDISCO Programme
               Cooperative Branch
               International Labour Office
               CH-1211 Geneva 22, Switzerland
               tel +41 22 799 87 42
               fax +41 22 799 85 72

                                                January, 1996