Background Information

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                The ILO/DANIDA Programme for 
            Cooperative Development in Rural Areas

                  Background Information *

The global ILO/DANIDA programme for Cooperative Development in
Rural Areas was launched in 1993.  it consists of three principal
components, namely:

     COOPREFORM    Structural Reform through Improvement of
                   Cooperative Development Policies and

     COOPNET       Human Resource Development for Cooperative
                   Management and Networking

     INDISCO       Inter-regional Programme to Support Self-
                   Reliance of Indigenous and Tribal
                   Communities through Cooperatives and other
                   Self-Help Organizations

These three programmes seek to promote the development of
cooperative in rural areas as participatory business enterprises
contributing to self-employment, income generation, human
resource development and social progress throughout the provision
of technical assistance and consultancy activities, including
advisory services, the organization of seminars and workshops,
the collection and analysis of information, the preparation and
dissemination of documentation, as well as the active promotion
of networking (in the case of COOPNET) and the promotion of
business activities such as financing and marketing (in the case
of INDISCO). The programmes are coordinated by the Cooperative
Branch of the ILO in Geneva. 

The ILO/DANIDA Programme is based on expertise and documentation
acquired by the ILO through technical assistance projects and by
activities to promote the implementation of international labour
standards (ILSs).  It has an inter-regional character which
facilitates the provision of consultancy and advisory services
on specific themes to selected countries, cooperative movements
and cooperative HRD institutions which are concerned with similar
development issues.  Moreover, the three programmes should
promote an exchange between different regions.  They are based
on comprehensive approaches which are designed to be
participatory and flexible in order to meet changing requirements
on substantive issues.

The overall Programme responds to requests from cooperative
movements and institutions related to cooperative development in
ILO Member States and thus renders services and facilitates
cooperation and networking among relevant social partners and
with other donor organizations.  The various inter-regional
programmes are conceived in a manner that encourages cross-
fertilization among each other, other programmes of the
Cooperative Branch and with cooperative development programmes
with donors.

For more information on the programme, contact:

Cooperative Branch
International Labour Office
CH-1211 Geneva 22

*    Information from ILO/DANIDA Independent Evaluation Mission
     Report: Terms of Reference for an Independent Interim
     Evaluation, pp 3-4 (March, 1996).