Focal Point for Co-ops in UN - DPCSD

Department for Policy Coordination and Sustainable Development
              Role in Promoting Co-operatives

   The Department for Policy Coordination and Sustainable
Development DPCSD within the central Secretariat of the United
Nations includes a Focal Point for the Promotion of Co-operatives. 
Its responsibilities include the preparation of a biennial report
on the role and status of co-operatives which is transmitted by the
Secretary-General to the General Assembly; representation of the
United Nations on the Committee for the Promotion and Advancement
of Co-operatives (COPAC);  organization of the annual United
Nations International Day of Co-operatives (first observed in July
1995); preparation of special studies of co-operative activities
designed to achieve objectives held in common by the international
co-operative movement and the United Nations; and liaison with all
elements of the United Nations and all governments for the purpose
of assisting in the further development of their collaboration with
the international co-operative movement.  It seeks to stimulate
interest among intergovernmental organizations and governments in
the newly emerging areas of activity of cooperatives - for example
those in the areas of health and other social service provision, as
well as in aspects of the activities of co-operatives of particular
contemporary interest to the United Nations, for example those in
the area of environment and sustainable development.   In all of
these activities the Department works closely with the
International Co-operative Alliance in an equal and mutually
beneficial partnership which fully recognizes the independence of
the co-operative movement.

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