Agenda of Meeting, 1 July 1996

             74th International Co-operative Day
     2nd United Nations International Day of Cooperatives

                    Monday, 1 July 1996

                    Panel Discussion

"Partnership between the United Nations and the International 
     Co-operative Movement in the follow-up to Copenhagen, 
                  Beijing, and Istanbul"


     Mr.  Nitin Desai, United Nations Under Secretary-General
     for Policy Coordination and Sustainable Development


     Mr. Graham Melmoth, President of the International
     Co-operative Alliance 

     Dr. Christopher Baker, Chief Executive Officer of the World
     Council of Credit Unions

     Mr. Hans Dahlberg, Chief Executive Officer of the
     International Co-operative and Mutual Insurance Federation

     Mr. Mohamed Idris, Member of the Executive of the
     International Federation of Agricultural Producers and
     President of the Central Agricultural Co-operative Union of

     Dr. Yehudah Paz, Chairman of the Committee for Human
     Resource Development of the ICA and Director of the
     International Institute -Histradrut- of Israel

     Mr. Ted Weihe, Executive Director of the Overseas
     Cooperative Development Council of the USA

                      Video Presentation

* Our Hopes and Goals: Japan's Consumer Co-ops today and tomorrow
     Produced by the Japanese Consumer Co-operative Union 

* People to People (Credit Union Movement to Movement Assistance)
     Produced by the Credit Union Foundation, Inc

* Spirit of Co-operation (Co-operatives in the United States)
     Produced by the US Co-operative Movement

* When Villages Awoke - Amul
     Produced by the National Dairy Development Board of India

* Co-operation in Britain Today 
     Produced by the Co-operative Wholesale Society

* Global Reach for Good Business (Insurance Co-operatives)
     Produced by the International Co-operatives and Mutual
     Insurance Federation ICMIF

* The Co-operative Principles 
     Produced by the Canadian Co-operative Association

                       * * * * * * * *