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          by the Committee for the Promotion and 
               Advancement of Cooperatives

Intergovernmental Meeting of Experts on South-South Cooperation
                 31 July - 4 August 1995

                  SOUTH - SOUTH COOPERATION
                   OF THE PRIVATE SECTOR

    Background paper prepared by the United Nations Department 
       for Policy Coordination and Sustainable Development
                     New York, July 1995




          A.       Relevance of the private sector to South-
                   South cooperation

          B.       Significance of the cooperatively organized
                   segment of the private sector for South-
                   South cooperation

     Chapter I.    Regional structures of the International
                   Cooperative Movement relevant to its
                   capacity for South-South Cooperation

          A.       Independent regional structures established
                   by national cooperative organizations

          B.       Regional structures of the ICA

          C.       Regional structures of ICA specialized

          D.       Specialist institutions of the cooperative
                   movement in the South

          E.       Regional exchange of views and formulations
                   of regional strategies concerning the nature
                   of appropriate partnerships between
                   governments and national cooperative

          F.       Development of regional coordinating
                   institutions and procedures 

          G.       Development of global coordinating
                   institutions and procedure with substantial
                   participation from the South

     Chapter II.   Technical cooperation among developing
                   countries:  The contribution of cooperative
                   business enterprises

               A.  Current level of participation of national
                   cooperative movement in UNDP TCDC programmes

               B.  Collaboration with other regional

               C.  Revision in cooperative law

               D.  Human resource development

               E.  Improvement in the equal participation of
                   indigenous peoples in cooperatives

               F.  Improvement in women's equal participation
                   in cooperatives

               G.  Regional meetings on operation and technical
               H.  Regional meetings on the management of
                   cooperative business enterprises

               I.  Organization of study visits and exchanges

               J.  Information and research

               K.  Movement-to-movement technical assistance

               L.  Issues of major interest: the environment
                   and sustainable development

               M.  Technical cooperation among financial

                   (1)  Savings and credit cooperatives
                        ("credit unions")
                   (2)  Cooperative banks
                   (3)  Cooperative insurance enterprises

     Chapter III.  Economic cooperation among developing
                   countries : the Contribution of cooperative
                   business enterprises

               A.  Development of business opportunities in
                   primary commodities and manufactured goods

               B.  Collaboration between financial cooperatives

                   (1)  Savings and credit cooperatives
                        ("credit unions")
                   (2)  Cooperative banks
                   (3)  Cooperative insurance enterprises

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