Organization of the Meeting

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         by the Committee for the Promotion and
           Advancement of Cooperatives (COPAC)


The meeting was held in the Lebanon Room of the FAO
Headquarters Building in Rome and was attended by 51
participants from 13 countries, representing 22 organizations.

The opening and closing sessions were chaired by the
Vice-Chairman of COPAC, Mr. Christopher E. Baker. 
Intermediate sessions were chaired by distinguished persons
selected from amongst the participants (see Annex 1 for
listing). FAO was represented by Ms. Leena Kirjavainen,
Director, Women and People's Participation Division, by Ms.
Jennie Dey-Abbas, Chief, People's Participation Service and by
Mr. John Rouse, Senior Officer, People's Participation
Service, who had been the moving force in this initiative to
examine capital in agricultural cooperatives in collaboration
with COPAC members. A number of technical officers from
several concerned FAO divisions also participated.  The
programme of the meeting and the list of participants are
given in Annexes 1 and 4 respectively. 
Mr. Gustavo Gordillo de Anda, Director, Rural Development and
Agrarian Reform Division, speaking on behalf of Mr. Henri
Carsalade, Assistant Director-General, Sustainable Development
Department, opened the workshop and presented the welcome
address.  The text of the welcome address is given in Annex 2.

The keynote paper "Capital Formation in Agricultural
Cooperatives in Developing Countries: Research Issues,
Findings and Policy Implications for Cooperatives and Donors"
summarized the main findings of the India, Kenya and Guatemala
studies.   It  was presented by the author, Mr. J.D. Von
Pischke.  This was followed by individual  reports on the
research findings in each of the study countries by the
participating researchers: Prof. M.S. Sriram, Institute of
Rural Management (IRMA), Anand, India (India Study); Mr.
Richard Wamakau, President, Kenya National Federation of
Cooperatives and Mr. Pekka Jamsen, Finnish Cooperative Centre
(Kenya study); and Mr. Peter Marion, consultant (Guatemala
Two special papers were also presented on related topics: on
"Capital Formation in U.S. Agricultural Cooperatives - Recent
Developments" by Prof. Michael Cook, Department of
Agricultural Economics, Missouri University, Columbia,
Missouri, USA, and on "Financial Capital in Cooperatives:
Specific Nature and Efficiency Analysis" by Mr. G. Deshayes,
Sessions on the above papers were held in plenary, with
half-a-day devoted to work in discussion groups at the end of
the meeting to arrive at final conclusions and
Flipcharts were placed in the plenary hall, and from the
outset participants were invited to write down any subject or
issue they were interested in discussing.  All the points
found on the flipcharts were taken into consideration in the
discussions, and particularly in the  group work.  This
started at mid-day on Thursday, the two groups being composed
of about 20 participants each.  Chairpersons for each group
were elected, and two rapporteurs were selected.  These met in
a drafting committee with Mr. Bjorn Genberg and Mr. Tristram
Eastwood on Thursday evening.  The two group reports were
presented verbally at the closing session of the meeting,
accompanied by photocopies of the two handwritten reports. 
These have been edited and appear as a part of this report. 
Logistics of the meeting were handled by Ms. Vittoria
Zaffarano, Office Manager of the COPAC Secretariat.  Mr. John
Rouse was responsible for overall planning and coordination of
the meeting, with the assistance of Mr. Tristram Eastwood,
COPAC Executive Secretary. 
FAO hosted a reception for the participants on Thursday, 8