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Source : An ICA Policy for Co-operative Development, Studies and
Reports, ICA, London, 1983, 28 pp. Hard copy available in French,
German, Spanish and Russian.

          An ICA Policy for Co-operative Development


The International Co-operative Alliance


An ICA Policy for Co-operative Development

I.   The Need for Co-operation
II.  Through Co-operatives
III. ICA Support to Co-operative Development

     1.   Objectives

     2.   Fields of action
          Food and Nutrition, Urbanization and the Co-
          operative Movement, Employment and Industry,
          Savings, Credit and Insurance, Other Types of Co-

     3.   Priorities
          Development towards Self-reliance, Democracy,
          Involvement of Women, Education and Training,
          Professional Management, Promotion of Effective
          Personnel Policy, Promotion of Central
          Organisations, Research.

     4.   Principles

     5.   Resources for Aid
          Movement to Movement Aid, ICA Regional Offices,
          Auxiliary Committees, ICA Co-operative Development
          Fund (CDF), Governmental Development Agencies.

IV.  ICA and UN Agencies
     The Role of UN, Coordination

V.   Conclusions

United Nations Resolutions

     National Experience in Promoting Co-operative Movement

     1.   84th Plenary Meeting, 14 December, 1978, No.33/47
     2.   49th Plenary Meeting, 9 November, 1981 - No.36/18

Extract from ICA Rules
     Membership, Art.8 : Eligibility

ICA Resolution on Co-operative Development Policy
International Co-operative Alliance
Affiliated Organizations