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         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         August, 1996

          An ICA Policy for Co-operative Development
            The International Co-operative Alliance

Source : An ICA Policy for Co-operative Development, Studies
and Reports, ICA, London, 1983, 28 pp. Hard copy available in
French, German, Spanish and Russian.

Founded in London in 1895 as an association of national unions
of co-operative societies, which seeks to promote a non-profit
system of production and trade, organized in the interests of
the whole community and based upon voluntary and mutual

It comprises organizations in every continent, and its total
affiliated membership through national organizations exceeds
360 million from consumers, agricultural, housing, credit,
workers', productive, artisanal, fishery and other co-operative

Its purpose is to propagate co-operative principles and
methods and to promote friendly and economic relations between
co-operative organizations of all types, both nationally and

It promotes, through auxiliary trading, housing, banking and
insurance organizations, direct commercial and financial
relations between co-operative enterprises in different
countries so as to enable them to exert on the world market,
as well as at home, an influence beneficial at once to
consumers and primary producers.

It convenes international congresses, furthers the teaching
and study of co-operation, issues publications and research
data, and collaborates closely with the United Nations as well
as with voluntary and non-governmental international bodies
which pursue aims of importance to co-operation.

In the work and meetings of the United Nations, its Economic
and Social Council, as well as some of the Specialised
Agencies, it enjoys the right of participation as an
International Organization with Consultative Status, Category

Its official organ is The Review of International
Co-operation, published quarterly.

The study of International Co-operation takes place under the
auspices of the `Henry J. May Foundation', the Permanent
Centre of International Co-operative Study.