Background Information

                ICA Development Programme and 
              Co-operative Development Projects

The ICA Development Programme is coordinated by the development
department at the ICA Headquarters in Geneva, Switerzland.  Its
projects are implemented through its Regional and Project Offices
in Africa, Asia and the Pacific and the Americas.  


The Head Office coordinates and monitors the implementation of
the various co-operative development initiatives at the regional
level and assists the regional offices with planning and
budgeting. In addition, it is responsible for establishing and
maintaining contacts with development organizations, identifying
opportunities for future collaboration and, promoting and
implementing ICA policies.


Regional Offices have been established for East, Central and
Southern Africa, West Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific.
In addition, Project Offices are opened where there is a specific
need. These offices implement ICA development programmes and
represent members within the region. The Regional Offices report
to the Head Office.


In order to implement its activities, the ICA collaborates with
approximately 30 international and national development
agencies and national government ministries. These partners
support the ICA Development Programme through the provision of
financial and technical assistance. In 1994, the total budget
for the Development Programme reached approximately Swiss Francs
5.9 million.

For further information on the ICA Development Programme contact:

     Director of Development
     International Co-operative Alliance
     15 Route des Morillons
     1218 Grand Saconnex, Geneva
     Tel:  + 41 22 929 88 88 or 929 88 16
     Fax:  + 41 22 798 41 22