Co-operative Day Message 1968

    This document has been made available in electronic format
         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         December 1997

                46th International Co-operative Day
                    (Saturday, 6th July, 1968)
          Message from the International Co-operative Alliance


The International Co-operative Alliance, addressing its
affiliated organisations comprising over 224 million members
in 61 countries, on the occasion of the 46th International Co-
operative Day:

*    Urges Once Again all forces for peace throughout the
     world to strive for world peace and disarmament under an
     effective system of international control;

*    Reaffirms its belief in the work of the United Nations
     and asks its member organisations to participate in the
     tasks allotted to regional and international agencies by
     the United Nations;

*    Declares that it is at one with the General Assembly of
     the United Nations on the 20th Anniversary of the signing
     of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and

*    Asks co-operators throughout the world to further all
     activities aiming at greater recognition and full
     enjoyment of the fundamental freedom and equality of all
     individuals and to campaign for human rights every where.

*    Reminds all co-operative organisations which are already
     making contributions to World Literacy, that in the world
     as a whole, four out of ten human beings are as yet
     untouched by literacy, and are thus unable to understand
     the forces that bring about the achievement of better
     living for millions.

*    Stresses that UNESCO's efforts to promote literacy will
     only be carried through by the determined policies of
     governments, by international action, and by active
     collaboration of common men and women in all countries;

*    Urges that all co-operative organisations should work
     together in every practical way at local, regional,
     national and international levels to help expand
     international trade, provide technical assistance, and
     generally support all constructive efforts to promote
     economic development and increase the standard of living
     throughout the whole world.