Co-operative Day Message 1972

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         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         December 1997

                50th International Co-operative Day
                    (Saturday, 1st July, 1972)
          Message from the International Co-operative Alliance


Dear Co-operators,

I have pleasure in enclosing the 50th International Co-
operative Day Declaration and I hope you will use it in an
appropriate manner when you observe the Day in your movement.
The Declaration reflects our continued concern with peace; it
draws attention to recommendations made at the central
Committee meeting in Bucharest in 1971 on the subject of The
Situation and Role of Women in the Co-operative Movement; and
finally, it refers to the UN's International Book Year and the
stress which our movement has always laid on the importance of
the written word for the communication of co-operative ideas. 

May I, in this letter, however, draw your particular attention
to our 25th Congress, which will be held from October 1 to 4
in Warsaw this year. As many of you would know, the Congress
is not an isolated event, but comes as a climax to a series of
specialised conferences, which will be organised by the
various Auxiliary Committees and Working Parties immediately
preceding the Congress. In addition to the Central Committee's
report on our work since the last Congress in Hamburg in 1969
and the motions submitted for discussion by member
organisations and our own authorities, the congress will
debate two principal themes which are of vital concern to the
international Co-operative Movement. Recent years have
witnessed the emergence of multi-national corporations which
span across national frontiers and which by their size and
concentrated economic power, exert a significant influence on
the lives of average men and women. It is with a view to
arousing co-operators' consciousness to this development and
to study appropriate responses that the Congress will discuss
the theme `Multi-national corporations and the International
Co-operative Movement: Financial and Managerial Imperatives'.
The focus on financial and managerial aspects is an indication
of the two most urgent problem areas of current concern to the
co-operative movement.

No less significant is the other theme for discussion, namely,
`Technical Assistance to Co-operative Movements in Developing
Countries', a subject which is of continuing interest to the
Alliance. By October 1972, we would have completed almost two
years since our authorities declared the seventies as the `Co-
operative Development Decade'. During this period, our attempt
has to been to acquaint the large body of co-operators and
relevant institutions with the problems of developing
countries and the role which co-operative movements can play
in solving some of those problems. It is expected that the
Congress will not only study the present situation of
technical assistance to co-operatives, but will also indicate
positive lines of action along which much needed support to
the movements in developing countries can be accelerated.

This year, as I said earlier, the movements throughout the
world will be observing the 50th International Co-operative
Day. I sincerely hope that on this Day you will be able to
look back on the achievements of your movement with
satisfaction and to the future with optimism and enthusiasm.

Yours sincerely,


                    Declaration of the ICA

The International Co-operative Alliance, addressing its
affiliated organisations comprising 268,027,350 members in 60
countries, on the occasion of the 50th International Co-
operative Day:

*    Welcomes warmly the lessening of tension resulting from
     the treaties between the Union of Socialist Republics and
     the Federal Republic of germany, as well as the one
     between the Polish Peoples' Republic and the Federal
     Republic of Germany and the conclusion of the
     quadripartite agreement on Berlin;

*    Urges strongly all leading statesmen to reach agreement
     banning the production, storage and use of all biological
     and chemical means of warfare and to aim for a complete
     prohibition of all nuclear tests to ensure that the
     massive expenditure on arms could be diverted to
     constructive purposes;

*    Recalls with satisfaction that 1972, the year of its 25th
     Congress is also the 50th year of the celebration of the
     International Co-operative Day aimed at furthering
     international co-operative solidarity;

*    Thanks all member organisations for their continued
     support of the aims and work of the Alliance; and

*    Asks all co-operators to support actively programmes
     within the Co-operative Development Decade;

*    Draws attention to the recent discussion on The Situation
     and Role of Women in Co-operative Movements' and urges
     member organisations to:

     1.   promote new programmes directed towards women's
          participation in member and public relations

     2.   encourage more women to seek election to co-
          operative policy-making bodies and to qualify for
          higher posts in co-operative service,

     3.   provide co-operative education and training designed
          to attract both sexes,

     4.   keep in mind the special needs of women in the
          developing countries when planning aid programmes;

*    Reminds all co-operators that 1972 is designated by the
     United Nations (UNESCO) as the International Book Year
     and stresses the World co-operative movement's
     traditional role in the promotion of the written word.