Co-operative Day Message 1973

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         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         December 1997

                51st International Co-operative Day
                    (Saturday, 7th July, 1973)
          Message from the International Co-operative Alliance


Dear Co-operators,

In the accompanying Declaration for the 51st International Co-
operative Day, I have drawn your attention to three main

While we rejoice in the signing of the cease-fire agreement on
the fighting in Vietnam, we must now contribute in every way
we can to the rehabilitation of those unfortunate people who
have suffered through the long and cruel war. Skills and
economic support on a massive scale will be needed and I hope
that members of the co-operative societies will play their
part in what must now become a collective and constructive
endeavour. The achievement of lasting peace is one of the
objectives of the ICA. We can contribute to this end by
bringing to bear the influence of forces, unified within the
co-operative movement, on various governments to support
international peace initiatives under the auspices of the
United Nations.

As a second point, I wish to refer to the recent meeting of
our Executive Committee with Dr.Kurt Waldheim, the Secretary
General of the United Nations. We are greatly encouraged by
his positive remarks on the role of co-operative organisations
in the process of development and the compliment he paid to
the work being carried out under the auspices of the ICA. May
I count on your continuing and whole-hearted support in our
efforts to make a success of the Co-operative Development
Decade which we have launched as a supporting measure to the
United Nations Second Development Decade.

Finally, in keeping with the spirit of discussions in our
Congress in Warsaw, I have expressed concern about some
aspects of the working of multi-national corporations and we
have urged that under the auspices of the United Nations
consideration should be given to devising appropriate checks
and balances to ensure that such corporations do not operate
to the detriment of the welfare of the large masses of people.

I hope you will give careful consideration to the contents of
the Declaration when you celebrate the 51st International Co-
operative Day on Saturday, 7th July, 1973.

I wish your Movement every success.

With co-operative greetings,

Yours sincerely,


                    Declaration of the ICA

The International Co-operative Alliance, addressing its
affiliated organisations comprising 280 million members in 63
countries, on the occasion of the 51st International Co-
operative Day:

*    Welcomes with deep satisfaction the end to the fighting
in Vietnam and the signing of a formal cease-fire agreement
(on 27th January 1973 in Paris) and urges all member
organisations, in line with the appeal from the President of
the ICA, to give their full support to the efforts being
undertaken for the rehabilitation of all the Vietnamese

*    Reaffirms on behalf of all its members, the support of
     the World Co-operative Movement for the Resolution on
     Peace carried by acclamation at the 25th ICA Congress in
     Warsaw, Poland, October 1972, and asks its affiliates to
     bring their influence to bear on their national
     governments to support the United Nations and to work for
     the settlement of all disputes by negotiation;

*    Much strengthened by the action of the United Nations on
     the Role of the Co-operative Movement in Social and
     Economic Development, by the recent resolutions of
     ECOSOC, ILO, FAO and other specialised agencies of the
     UN, and by the statement of the Secretary-General of the
     UN at his meeting with the ICA Executive Committee in
     February 1973 recognising the significant role played by
     the ICA in supporting the UN 2nd Development Decade and
     pledging the support of the UN and its agencies.

*    Calls upon all its member organisations to help to
     mobilise support for increasing the potential of co-
     operative projects, especially in the Third World, in
     accordance with the plans for the Second United Nations
     Development Decade and the aims of the International Co-
     operative Movement's own Co-operative Development Decade;

*    Urges all members, on this day of co-operative
     solidarity, to ask their governments to approach the
     United Nations to request it to convene a World
     Conference on the implications of the multi-national
     corporations for the interests of consumers, farmers and
     workers, which would formulate a programme for the
     international control of multi-national corporations'
     activities, in order to counteract their abuses.