Co-operative Day Message 1974

    This document has been made available in electronic format
         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         December 1997

               53rd International Co-operative Day
                    (Saturday, 3rd July, 1974)

          Message from the International Co-operative Alliance

Dear Co-operators,

For some years past, there has been considerable discussion in
the meetings of the ICA Authorities about the nature of the
ICA Declaration. It has been pointed out, time and again, that
in order to meet the convenience of member organisations
throughout the world, the structure of the Declaration should
be kept as flexible as possible.

I have, as a result of these discussions, featured some points
which we consider to be particularly important, and which you
may wish to highlight within the context of your own Co-
operative Movement on the occasion of the 53rd International
Co-operative Day.

I wish your celebrations every success, and would be glad to
hear from you about your function.

With co-operative greetings,

Yours sincerely,
S.K. Saxena

                            Declaration of the ICA

The International Co-operative Alliance, which celebrates its
80th Anniversary this year, greets its affiliated
organisations representing over 321 million members in 63
countries on the occasion of the 53rd International Co-
operative Day and would like to emphasize the following
subjects which are of particular concern to the International
Co-operative Movement at this time:

-    Peace: Peace continues to remain the most important
     problem of our time, and the Alliance asks you to do
     everything in your power to bring increasing influence to
     bear on your government to support more strongly the
     initiatives of the United Nations for settlement of all
     disputes by negotiation.

-    International Women's Year: We have welcomed warmly the
     United Nations decision to designate 1975 as the
     International Women's Year. We ask our member
     organisations to work for full integration of women in
     the activities and aspirations of the Co-operative
     Movement on a basis of equality.

-    Youth: ICA's Central Committee will discuss the role of
     Youth in the Co-operative Movement in Stockholm this
     year. Every social and economic movement, including the
     Co-operative Movement, must deliberate efforts to
     reinforce its ideas and vitality by involving Youth at
     every stage in the work of the Movement.

-    World Food Situation: The world food situation continues
     to be grave and the recommendations of the World Food
     Conference last year will need strong support from co-
     operative organisations throughout the world. Co-
     operatives have a vital contribution to make, especially
     in production, marketing and distribution of food. We
     urge Co-operative Movements to redouble their efforts in
     these fields.