Co-operative Day Message 1981

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         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         December 1997

               59th International Co-operative Day
                    Saturday, 4th July, 1981

       Message from the International Co-operative Alliance

Dear Co-operator,

I have always seen as part of the strength of the Alliance,
its ability to act as a pressure group on behalf of its 355
million members, particularly on governments and the United
Nations. I would ask you today to identify with the Alliance's
belief that peaceful co-existence is essential if worldwide
economic and social progress is to be achieved.

We have had a successful Congress and we must now bend our
energies in implementing the Resolutions which we adopted in
October consistent with the situation obtaining in the
respective movements. We have been in touch with members in
this connection, and our Executive Committee will consider the
matter further in March in Versailles. I am suggesting - and
this is still subject to the approval of our Executive and
Central Committees - that a Commission should be established
which would encourage and monitor the follow-up action on the
wide-ranging discussion which took place at Congress on the
subject of `Co-operatives in the Year 2000'.

On this 59th International Co-operative Day, I would like to
wish you personally and your movements every success in the
present year, and ask you:

-    to continue in the search for effective collaboration
     between co-operatives nationally and internationally;

-    to increase the efforts of your co-operative to enlarge
     the co-operative system at home and abroad;

-    to continue discussion of the report on `Co-operatives in
     the Year 2000';

-    to assist the provision of co-operative self-help

-    to persist in the fight for consumer protection;

-    in this International Year of Disabled Persons, to make
     provision in your own organization for assistance and
     rehabilitation of the handicapped and their integration
     into society, co-operative housing and industrial co-
     operative sectors have particular relevance in this

-    to make all possible appropriate use of the mass media
     for the propagation of the co-operative principles, and

-    to secure equal and effective participation of women in
     all our work.

As you know, by the time the International Co-operative Day
comes round this year, I shall have given up my post of the
Director of the Alliance. I would, therefore, like to take
this opportunity of thanking you for your support, and for all
the work you have done during 12 years of my Directorship to
make this Day truly international and truly co-operative. I
look forward with confidence to our continuing efforts, and I
shall surely be with you in spirit in your celebrations,
wherever I may be.

With co-operative greetings,

Yours sincerely,

S.K. Saxena

               Message from the President

"...As the representative of many millions of people, we in
the ICA are concerned with the most important areas of life -
the production of foodstuffs, housing, consumption,
agriculture and fisheries, and insurance and credit. So let us
not, as we some times tend to do, under-estimate the great
importance of economic co-operation. "We must have a popular
co-operative movement: we must make use of the entire
experience of the people and use the technology developed by
the masses of peasants, farmers and industrial workers, and
not only by the elite..."
-Roger Kerinec, ICA President