Co-operative Day Message 1983

    This document has been made available in electronic format
         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         December 1997

               61st International Co-operative Day
                    Saturday, 2nd July, 1983

        Message from the International Co-operative Alliance

Dear Co-operators,

The International Co-operative Day was instituted to enable
co-operators in all countries to manifest annually their
united will for the betterment of mankind and to make known,
nationally and internationally, the task of world-wide
international co-operation through the instrument of the
International Co-operative Alliance.

Therefore, the Executive Committee of the International Co-
operative Alliance, which met in Seoul, Korea, at the end of
March 1983, decided to seize the opportunity of the
International Co-operative Day, to place special emphasis on,
and to give the widest possible publicity to the `ICA Policy
for Co-operative Development' adopted after a decision of the
Central Committee in Rome in October, 1982. The Executive
Committee of the ICA calls on its 364 million individual
members to spread the content of this Policy Paper and to
support its implementation, as they celebrate the
International Co-operative Day.

The Policy Paper will be available in all five ICA official
languages, it will be printed and circulated to all member
organisations, national government authorities and
international bodies, both governmental and non-governmental.

It states the objectives of the `ICA support to Co-operative

a)   The basic objective is the establishment and growth of
     independent democratic and viable co-operative
     organisations, in which men and women participate on
     equal terms. These organisations must be capable of
     serving their members efficiently and contributing to
     economic growth and social equity in their respective
     communities and/or countries.

b)   The ICA policy shall aim at strengthening collaboration
     between co-operative organisations of various types and
     in different countries, thereby promoting the growth of
     International solidarity which is the foundation of a
     constructive peace.

c)   The ICA shall endeavour to influence public opinion,
     national authorities and international organisations in
     order to stimulate the growth of a favourable atmosphere
     for co-operation, promote the enactment of appropriate
     co-operative legislation and enlist the support of
     government and international organizations for the
     development of co-operative movements.

It indicates the fields of action: Food and Nutrition,
Employment and Industry, Saving, Credit, Insurance, all types
of co-operatives including multi-purpose ventures.

It sets ICA priorities: a development towards Self-Reliance,
Democracy, Involvement of Women, Education and Training, etc.

It emphasizes ICA's resources for aid, namely: Movement to
Movement Aid, Regional Offices, Auxiliary Committees, the Co-
operative Development Fund, Governmental Development Agencies
as well as UN and other international bodies.

It states that the ICA offers its co-operation, based on
century old experiences of co-operative development, to the UN
and other specialized agencies which recognize social and
economic development as one of the principal conditions in
their search for Peace.

The ICA, its affiliated organisations and their 364 million
individual members show daily the evidence that voluntary co-
operation across boundaries exists and that inter-co-operative
international understanding makes a dynamic and positive
contribution towards a better world, even today.

On this 61st International Co-operative Day, the ICA
authorities  wish you and your movement every success in the
present year and assure you of their continuous attention and

-ICA Executive Committee