Co-operative Day Message 1985

    This document has been made available in electronic format
         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         December 1997

               63rd International Co-operative Day
                    Saturday, 6th July, 1985

        Message from the International Co-operative Alliance

The Rainbow, the symbol of the International Co-operative
Alliance, represents at the same time both the unity and the
diversity of the 500 million individual members.

There are many ways to co-operate, depending on the economic
fields and the political circumstances of co-operators. This
diversity within unity is the strength of the International Co-
operative movement.

However, the entire movement is united in the same social aim -
a new, more humane world in which mutual understanding allows
each individual to evolve in the best possible way.

Co-operative diversity is emphasized by the fact that the member
organizations of the Alliance represent more or less equally the
western world, the socialist countries and the developing

The economic difficulties of today do not breed tolerance. Fear,
racism and protectionism persist. Under such circumstances, the
co-operative must remain as a source of human value and dignity.

1985 has been chosen by the United Nations to be the Year of the
Youth. Young people represent the hope and challenge of the
International Co-operative Movement. It is indispensable that the
co-operative way should become familiar to young people. If they
come to know co-operation, the young shall not fail to understand
and to enhance it.