Co-operative Day Message 1992

    This document has been made available in electronic format
         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         December 1997

               70th International Co-operative Day
                    Saturday, July 4, 1992

        Message from the International Co-operative Alliance

               Basic Values and Global Solidarity

Over 600 million individuals around the world make up the
international co-operative movement, which is now more
pluralistic and international than ever before.

But, despite their large number, co-operatives cannot be a
strong moral force and a powerful movement for economic and
social change, without their own well-formulated and
consistent value system.

As the co-operative movement prepares to enter the 21st
century, it has been looking within itself to re-assess its
system of values and to analyze its working principles in
response to the new challenges facing co-operatives today.

Following four years of extensive research and consultations
with co-operative leaders worldwide, our report on `Basic
Values in a Changing World' will be presented to the ICA
Congress in Tokyo in October.

The report emphasizes the values of equality and equity,
voluntary and mutual self-help and economic and social

Although it concedes that these values will be interpreted
differently in various parts of the world on the basis of
specific political, economic and cultural conditions, it
stresses that co-operative ideals have always been motivated
by basic ethics of honesty, caring, democracy and

The report concludes that co-operatives should consider
themselves as organizations for meeting economic needs,
participatory democracy, human resource development, social
responsibility and national and international co-operation.

These characteristics are the essence of the co-operative way.

The International Co-operative Alliance calls on its 600
million individual co-operative members to reaffirm their
commitment to the Basic Values of Co-operation, and especially
to the command denominator of co-operatives worldwide - global