Co-ops in Eastern & Central Europe- Hungary- About the Author

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                         August 1992



                     by Janos Juhasz
               Co-operative Research Institute 
                     Budapest, Hungary


                       About the Author

Dr. Janos Juhasz is the Director of the Co-operative Research Institute in
Budapest, Hungary.

He has twenty-five years of research experience in coopera-tion, agrarian
policy, agricultural economics, statistics and rural sociology, with
specific emphasis on the organizational framework of rural institutions and
their relationship to the Co-operative Movement.

As well as working as a consultant for the FAO in Rome for several years,
Dr. Juhasz has also had extensive experience in the field: with FAO in Kabul
(Afghanistan), Khartoum (Sudan), and Mogadishu (Somalia), and with the World
Bank in Yugoslavia.

He is a member of The FAO/ECE Working Party on Agrarian Structure and Farm
Rationalization, the European Association of Agricultural Economists, the
European Society for Rural Sociology and the Hungarian National FAO

Janos' most recent position in an ICA capacity has been as member of the
Advisory Committee for the Basic Values of Co-operation study. He also was
an active participant in the work of the COPAC Secretariat in relation to
the Co-operative Movements  and similar organizations in developing
countries during the 1970s.

With first and second degrees in Economics, the author has a PhD. from the
Hungarian Academy of Sciences.