About the Authors

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         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         July, 1994

                    About the Authors

Viliam Bosiak has been actively involved with the co-operative
movement since 1989. He currently holds the position of
Director of International Relations with the Co-operative
Union of the Slovak Republic and likes to write about the
field of management and the problems of technical and
organisational progress.

Eva Jergova is Director of the Department of Information
Systems at the Slovak Union of Consumer Co-operatives. She
also holds the position of vice-chair of the Board of
Directors of the joint stock company DPVT-Inform and the
Supervision Board of the joint stock company DOVP. Her
articles concern economic issues and consumer co-operatives.

Vaclav Majernik is a member of the editorial board of the
journal Production Co-operatives and formerly part of the
editorial board of the journal Co-operator. He has been
working with the production co-operatives as Vice-director of
the office of the President.

Oto Virsik worked with the co-operative movement from 1951 to
1987, spending the last twenty years before his retirement as
Adviser to the President of the Slovak Union of Production
Co-operatives. For many years he was lecturer at the Central
Co-operative School. Now that he is retired, he is actively
writing publications about co-operatives.

Frantisek Manda is chief of the department of the Association
of Agricultural Co-operatives of the Slovak Republic. After
working with consumer co-operatives for several years, he is
lecturer in the field of agricultural co-operatives. Author of
several publications, he has concentrated on the development
of mechanisation, technical progress, social policy and the
development of agriculture.