Table of Contents

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         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         July, 1994

                    Table of Contents


1.   Main Characteristics of the Present Co-operative

1.1  Models of co-operatives and their significance in
     quantitative terms

1.2  Brief historical background

1.3  Membership relations in existing co-operatives

1.4  Co-operative secondary organisations, associations,

1.5  Evaluation of the existing co-operative system

2.   The Co-operative Reform Process

2.1  The need for and main fields of co-operative reform

2.2  Government co-operative policies

2.3  Co-operative legislation

2.4  Changes in the co-operative movement and their impact on
     its structure

3.   Future Options for Co-operatives

3.1  The major trends of changes

3.2  Needs for international assistance

4.   Contact Organisations

Annexes 1-6