News Briefs (1997)

This document has been made available in electronic format
by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
April, 1997
(Source: ICA News, Issue No.1/1997, pp. 7)


Banking on an Historic Year
The Co-operative Bank is celebrating its 125th birthday in 1997, having 
been formed in 1872 as the loan and deposit department of the Co-
operative Wholesale Society (CWS). The Bank's Annual Report for 
1996 should show profits of  36.7 million, the best indication that 
the bank's ethical policy based on Co-operative Principles continues to 
demonstrate that the co-operative approach to business can equal success 
in today's competitive environment. The bank has identified seven 
stakeholder groups in addition to its shareholders - customers, staff, 
suppliers, community,  society, past and future generations.

(Source Co-operative News) 

CWS Supports Co-operative College
CWS has placed a major vote of confidence in the Co-operative College 
by pledging to send 1,400 of its executives and senior managers on a 
special course  on  Co-operative Values. The course will explore ways 
in which the Co-operative Identity and Principles can be put into practice 
while improving the society's business. The course follows a senior 
executives conference which was held at the College in January at which 
the new Chief Executive of CWS,  Graham Melmoth, who is also 
President of ICA, launched a handbook entitled "Managing Change 
Through People".

(Source Co-operative News) 

Journalists Launch Media Agency Co-op

A media agency run on co-operative principles has been launched in 
the UK by four journalists, pooling a range of skills under one roof.

Set up with help from the local Co-operative Development Agency, 
the co-operative Media South West,  aims to offer press, PR and research 
coverage for Devon and Cornwall while operating as a worker's co-op. 
Services available include writing, editing, design, photography, research 
and consultancy, plus producing publicity materials and in-house 
newspapers for local businesses.

(Source Co-operative News)