The Author (1986)

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         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         May, 1986

          (Source:  Co-operative Principles, Today & Tomorrow by
                             W.P. Watkins)

                         The Author

William Pascoe Watkins, B.A., a former Director of the
International Co-operative Alliance, is a leading authority on
international Co-operation. Born in Plymouth, England, in
1893, son of a prominent local and national Co-operator, he
trained as a schoolmaster and eventually became a tutor at the
Co-operative College in 1920.

In 1929, Will Watkins joined the staff of the International
Co-operative Alliance and in the next 10 years made his mark
as a writer on Co-operative subjects. In 1939, he joined the
Co-operative Sunday newspaper Reynolds News. In 1946, the
British Government appointed him as Adviser on Co-operation to
the Military Government of Western Germany to assist in the
rehabilitation of the consumers' Co-operative Movement. Though
his direct responsibilities ended with the formation of the
Federal Republic in 1950, the German Co-operative Federations
asked for his services for another year. In 1959, the Federal
German Government conferred on him the Grand Cross of the
Order of Merit in recognition of his services.

In 1951, he was appointed Director of the ICA and gave
outstanding service to world Co-operation in that post until
he retired in 1963. He has continued to be active as a writer,
teacher and consultant on Co-operation, serving in 1965-66 as
rapporteur of the ICA Commission on Co-operative Principles.