Table of Contents (1966)

      This document has been made available in electronic
     format by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)  
                       September, 1986

          (Source:  Report of the 23rd ICA Congress at Vienna, 
                       5-8 September, 1966, pp.154)            
                    Report of ICA Commission                   
                    on Co-operative Principles                 
                             Table of Contents                 
Part I.   Introduction
          a.   Composition, Meetings and Procedure of the      

          b.   Terms of Reference: Resolutions of Congress
               and Central Committee.

          c.   Historical Background.

          d.   Commission's Analysis and Approach.

          e.   Principles, their definition and relation to Co- 
               operative Objectives and Ideals.

Part II.  Consideration of Co-operative Principles

          1.  Membership
          2.  Democratic Administration
          3.  Interest on Capital
          4.  Disposal of Surplus (Savings)
          5.  Politics and Religion.
          6.  Business Practices.
          7.  Education

Part III. Recommendations and Conclusions