Consumer Co-operatives in Mongolia -- Working towards a new future (1997)

This document has been made available in electronic format
by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
Oct, 1997
(Source: Co-op Dialogue, Vol.7, No.2, May-Aug. 1997, pp. 28)

Consumer Co-operatives in Mongolia - 
Working towards a new future

The last seven years since the Central Union of Mongolian Consumers
Co-operative was revived have been difficult ones for Mongolian people,
the economy, and for the development of the co-operative movement.

Lack of goods and money, financial problems and shortage of qualified
personnel are the main problems. Terms for bank loans are short and
interest is high.  Banks also refuse credit to co-operatives. Property of
consumer co-operatives was privatised during the reform and renovation
process in 1991-92.

CUMCC aims to work with the international co-operative movement.
It hosted the 26th Meeting of the ICA Committee on Consumer
Co-operation for Asia-Pacific. They also held a national workshop
on, "Co-operatives in a changing environment," in June 1995 and a
seminar entitled "Co-operatives-Reforms-Development," in May 1996,
in collaboration with ICA ROAP and the ILO. 

CUMCC closely cooperage with European TACIS programme through
the Mongolian Business Development Agency.