Acronyms and Errata, INFO-COOP, July, 1996

    This document has been made available in electronic format
         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         July, 1996

        (Source: INFO-COOP, Issue No.9, July, 1996)


ACA:      Association for Counselling and Action

ACOODER:  Association des Cooperatives pour le Developpement
          Rural (Co-op Association for Rural

AMSAC:    Appropriate Management Systems for Agricultural

CARDER:   Centre d'Action Regionale de Developpement Rural
          (Regional center for Rural Development) - Benin

CECI:     Canadian International Research Center 

CFA:      currency of Francophone West and Central Africa (100
          FCFA = 1 FF)

CICOPA:   Inernational Organisation of Industrial, Artisanal
          and Service Producers Co-operatives

CIODT:    Compagnie Ivoirienne pour le Developpement du
          Textile (Ivorian Society for the Development of

CLCAM:    Caisse Locale de Credit Agricole Mutuel (Local Fund
          for Mutual Agricultural Loans)

DMC:      Direction de la Mutualite et de la Cooperation
          (Co-op. Governemental Agency of Cote d'Ivoire)

DSE/ZEL:  German Foundation for International Development/Food
          and Agriculture Centre

ENEA:     Ecole Nationale d'Economie Appliquee (National
          College for Applied Economy)- Senegal

FECECAM:  Federation des Caisses d'Epargne et de Credit
          Agricole Mutuel du Benin (Federation of Funds for
          Savings and Mutual Loans of Benin)

FECOPAS:  Federation des Cooperatives de Productions
          Artisanales, Industrielles et de Services du Benin
          (Federation of Industrial, Artisanal and Service
          Producers Co-operatives of Benin)

FENACOOP: Federation Nationale des Cooperatives de
          Consommation (National Federation of Consumer

FONGS:    Federation des Organisations Non Gouvernementales du
          Senegal (Federation of Non Governemental
          Organisations of Senegal)

GVC:      Groupement a vocation cooperative (Pre co-operative

ICA:      International Co-operative Alliance

INC:      Instituto Nacional das Cooperativas (National
          Co-operative Institute of Cape Verde)

NGO:      Non Governemental Organisation

NRD/NORCOOP:   The Royal Nowegian Society for Rural

FEFA:     Programme d Echange, de Formation et d Appui
          (Exchange, Training & Support Programme)

PROCI:    Exporter Company in Cote d'Ivoire

RCDF:     Regional Co-operative Development Fund

ROWA:     Regional Office for West Africa

SATMACI:  Societe d Assistance Technique pour la Modernisation
          de l'Agriculture en Cote d'Ivoire (Technical
          Assistance for the Modernisation of Agriculture)

SCAGBO:   Societe des Cooperatives Agricoles d Agboville
          (Co-operative Societies of Agboville (Cote d'Ivoire)

SOCODEVI: Societe de Cooperation pour le Developpement
          International (Co-operative Society for
          International Development)

UNC:      Union National des Cooperatives (National Union of
          Co-operatives) - Niger

UNCAS:    Union Nationale des Coopertaives Agricoles du
          Senegal (National Union of Agricultural
          Co-operatives of Senegal)

UNECACI:  Union nationale des Enterprises Cooperatives
          Agricoles (National Union of Agricultural
          Co-operatives of Cote d'Ivoire)

URCAD:    Union Regionale des Cooperatives Agricoles de
          Diourbel (Union of Agricultural Co-operative
          Societies of Diourbel) - Senegal

URECOS-CI:     Union Regionale des Enterprises Cooperatives
               des Savanes (Regional Union of Savannah
               Co-operative Societies) - Cote d'Ivoire

          ERRATA : List of illustrations (rectified pages)

p4:  literacy session for women at Banikoara - ACOODER - Benin
     (Photo ROWA)

p8:  General Assembly of Yenawa Women Grouping - FECECAM -
     Benin (Photo FECECAM)

p9:  Furniture made by COOP-Meuble - Cotonou - Benin (Photo

p11: Consumer Co-operative shop - FENACOOP Santo Antao - Cape
     Verde (Photo ROWA)

p14: Weighing coffee - Djiboua - Divo - Cote d'Ivoire (Photo

p16: inside of warehouse of Union of Sinematiali - URECOS-CI -
     Cote d Ivoire (Photo ROWA)

p17: Presentation of agricultural equipment - SCAGBO - Cote d
     Ivoire (Photo SCAGBO)

p20: Showroom of the handicraft co-operative -Niamey - Niger
     (Photo ROWA)

p.25:     Training workshop in a women grouping ((Women
          monitoring Officers Projects - region of Diourbel,
          UNCAS, Senegal. (Photo ROWA)