Editorial: INFO-COOP No. 9, July 1996

    This document has been made available in electronic format
         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         July, 1996

        (Source: INFO-COOP, Issue No.9, July, 1996, p.1)

                Editorial : INFO-COOP No.9

In our No.7 issue of July 1995, we expressed the wish for our
newsletter to become a forum for co-operators in the region. 
We had hoped that other people involved or interested in the
co-operative movement would send us articles and/or
reflections which could contribute to broadening the debate.

This first issue, composed exclusively of contributions from
members countries and partners, is, we hope, a step towards
this objective.

To begin with, our member organisations and partners are
introducing themselves or presenting a beneficial activity or
project which can be duplicated by other organisations.  Some
have chosen to present a crucial problem while others have
reflected on particular situations in their country. The texts
have been published as they are, with the exception of a few
very lengthy articles which had to shortened. We ask their
writers to please excuse us, they will see that we kept the
essential part of their message.

We, particularly, wish to thank all the member organisations
and partners, who made an effort to participate in this issue:
"It is the first step that is the most demanding!"

These articles call for your comments and answers for the next
issue of INFO-COOP. We hope that many of you will respond and
contribute to the next issue which will be published in
December 1996.

This is only a beginning, but we all agree that INFO-COOP will
as from now on be our mode of expression and the link uniting
us within the co-operative movement in West Africa. Whether
this link is sustained or not is entirely up to us. It is a
challenge that is worth meeting.