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                         July, 1996

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                     TABLE OF CONTENTS

Letters from our Member Organisations 

Message of the Chairman of the Regional Council

     Association Cooperative pour led Developpement Rural de
     Banikoara (25 years of existence/Sinigui TOUNDO)

     Federation des Caisses d'Epargne et de Credit Mutuel du
     Benin - FECECAM (Small Loans to Women/NANGBE Bertin,
     AHOUISSOU Ignace et FIOGBE Ernest)

     Federation des Cooperatives de Production Artisanale,
     Industrielle et de Services du Benin FECOPAS - BENIN /
     Bernard SOVI - GUIDI)

CAP - VERT          

     Institute National Des Cooperatives - INC (The Status of
     Co-operation / Joao GOMES MENDOCA)


     Union des GVC de Divo "DJIBOUA"  - Presentation

     Union Regionale des Enterprises Cooperatives de la Zone
     des Savanes de Cote d' Ivoire - URECOS-CI

     Societe des Cooperatives Agricoles d'Agboville - SCAGBO
     (Co-operative and Developpement  A Reflection by  FAYE

     Cooperative de Bamako - Wandering market gardeners: land
     problems in towns - The case of the market gardeners and
     farmers co-operative of Bamako Moussa TEKETE).


     Union Nationale des Cooperatives (UNC)


     Federation des Organisations Non-Governmentales de
     Senegal - FONGS. - Training and experience of FONGS : the
     programme of Exchange, Training and Support (PEFA)

     L'Union des Cooperatives Agricoles du Senegal - UNCAS
     UNCAS at the time of the development of Women's
     self-Supervision: Test Programme for Women Monitoring

     Union Regionales Des Cooperatives Artisanales de Dakar 
     (Facts and Figures about URCAD)

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