Electronic Networking Update

                    ICA News: Issue No 6/1994

Editor:  Mary Treacy Address: 15, route des Morillons - 
         1218 Grand-Saconnex, Geneva, Switzerland. 
Tel:     (41 22) 798 41 21 
Fax:     (41 22) 798 41 22 
Telex:   41 56 20 ICA CH 
E-mail:  icageneva@gn.apc.org



*    ICA now has an E-Mail address: icageneva@gn.apc.org 

     Would ICA member-organisations and other readers who have an
     E-Mail address please send details to the Communications
     Department of ICA.

*    Information on E-Mail and Electronic Networking and how we
     intend to establish our on-line presence on the Internet will
     appear in future issues of the ICA Review and News.  A
     preliminary report can be found in the ICA Review No. 3, 1994.

*    ICA has reached an agreement with the University of Wisconsin 
     to start up a gopher on co-operatives (a gopher is a tool that
     helps you use Internet facilities and makes accessable to the
     user geographically dispersed information (in an on-line data
     bank)).  We will begin inputting information from 1995 and
     inform readers when the gopher is being launched.

*    It is our perception that there is an urgent need for an on-line
     international forum on co-operatives.  As a first step we have,
     therefore, decided to set up a list server because mailing
     lists are accessible to anyone with access to E-mail - having an
     Internet access is not a prerequisite.  

     The address of the list is:

*    Information about ICA and co-operatives is also available on
     all APC networks in a conference called ced.coops.  ICA
     Newsletters are also posted in all APC networks in

*    Also in the development stages is a co-operative network of
     support for helpgivers. Called Rainbow Network it will be
     accessible via GreenNet (UK), Antenna and Toolnet (Netherlands)
     to all APC Networks. It is developing as a co-operative in the
     Care Sector and will eventually be registered as such, providing
     bulletin board, E-mail, data base and online conferencing and
     possibly counselling services, but administered and developed by
     participating members from the bottom-up. Further information
     from daryl.barker@tool.net or rainbownet@gn.apc.org.

*    Up till recently, World-Wide Web has only been available for
     users having a SLIP or PPP connection.  However, for those who
     do not have either of these connections SlipKnot, a new
     shareware, is now available giving users almost the same
     possibilities as Netscape and NCSA Mosaic, but at a slightly
     slower speed.  For information on how to obtain slipknot send a
     blank E-mail message to slipknot@micromind.