ICA News: Issue No 6/1994

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Roy Garratt, Information Officer/Librarian of the Co-operative Union
(UK) died on 4 December, 1994 at the age of 63 following a prolonged
illness. He had worked in the Co-operative Movement for almost 40
years and was known throughout  the world as a leading authority on
the history of the Movement and especially the Rochdale Pioneers.

Augustine 'Gus' Murray, President of the World Council of Credit
Unions died peacefully at his home in Ireland on 11 September. When
Gus was born, no credit unions existed in his country. When he died,
he left Ireland with one of the strongest movements in the
international system and he left the world with many more credit
unions. The leadership and vision which he provided within WOCCU over
more than a decade of service culminated at a recent Forum in Cork
where he shared the Opening Session Podium with President Robinson of

Sayed Zaki, Chairman of the Egyptian Producers' Co-operative Union
died on 25 September at his office in Cairo.  Through a new programme
co-formed by co-operatives and the Egyptian Government, he created
thousands of new artisanal jobs for young people, specially in the
poorest areas around Cairo. Mohamed Hassan  Sebaiy becomes the new
Chairman and takes Sayed Zaki's place on the Executive Committee of

Al Williams died on 2 August from a heart attack. This first
Vice-President of WOCCU had, for almost three years, led the reform
effort to make the organisation's structure more representative.


On the night of 28 September the M.S. Estonia sank in the Baltic Sea
with the loss of over 900 lives.  This tragedy hit the Co-operative
Movement particularly hard, as a Co-operative Seminar on Peace and
Security in the Baltic Region was taking place on board the boat,
following a previous session in Tallin, Estonia. The following fellow
co-operators, friends and colleagues were lost in the tragedy:

>From Denmark: 

     Knud Ollgaard (Danske Andelesselskaber)

>From Estonia:

     Aivo Grossfeldt, Kaljo Toome, Tavo Noormets, Reet Ojamaegi (ETK)

>From Finland:

     Seppo Honkanen (University of Helsinki)

>From Latvia:

     Skaidrite Culkstene, Aivars Stauzs, Janis Bernans (Latvian
     Central Co-op Union)

>From Russia:

     Vasily Kovaljov, Andrei Arjuhov (Leningrad Regional Union of

>From Sweden:

     Rut Hammarstroem (Folksam)

     Lennart Petterson (Konsum Solidar)

     Jan-Erik Pettersson (Koooperativt Resurscentrum) 

     Alf Carlsson (Kooperativa Institutet) 

     Kenneth Chreisti (Tidningen Vi) 

     Olle Lindstroem and his wife (previously Riksbyggen and Chairman
     of ICA Housing Co-operatives) 

     Ingvar Oscarsson (formerly KF) 

     Eric Sigmundsson (formerly SCC)

The disappearance of these fine co-operators is a blow from which
the international movement and their national movements will take a
long time to recover. The ICA Secretariat is deeply distressed by
this information; many of us were close to the people who lost their
lives. Our thoughts are with their families and colleagues. We give
thanks for the rescue of Maarten Boje (Det Kooperative
Faellesforbund, Denmark) and Kent Haerstedt (Kooperativa Institutet,
Sweden) and for those people who were supposed to take the boat but
whose change of plans means they are still with us today.

We would like to make a special tribute to three of the above
Co-operators who were especially close to the ICA Secretariat.  Alf
Carlsson was Development Director of the ICA from 1984 to 1985. His
gentle, positive manner was a great encouragement to all his
colleagues and we extend our heartfelt sympathy to his wife and
family.  Alf will be sorely missed. 

Knud Ollgaard was a member of the ICA Executive from 1988 to 1993.
He was a great friend and supporter of the ICA staff and we all
remember him with great affection.

Olle Lindstroem was Chairman of the ICA Housing Committee from 1984
to 1992. After he retired he maintained his contact with the ICA
through his work for the Network for Co-operative Development in
Eastern and Central Europe.  His disappearance came in the middle of
efforts to restart the housing co-operative union in Estonia, a
country he fled from when he was sixteen.  After his retirement from
Riksbyggen (Sweden) in 1991, Olle committed himself to working for
his former country.