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ICA News: Issue No 6/1994

Editor: Mary Treacy
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Pauline Green Member of the European Parliament, was recently made
President of the Industrial Common Ownership Movement (ICOM). ICOM
is the national federation of workers co-operatives and employee
owned businesses in the UK, and promotes and supports all democratic
employee controlled enterprises. Pauline is MEP for London North, and
Leader of the Socialist Group in the European Parliament. She
replaces the late John Smith, who held the post of ICOM's president
for six years.

Patrice Jolivet has been elected official representative of the FNCC
(France) and a member of the Executive Committee, together with
Marcel Aeschelmann (President), Roger Ducrotte (Vice-President) Jean
Grave and Albert Morel.

Herbert Ludl is the new representative of ICA Housing Co-operatives
in HABITAT. Dr Ludl is a member of ICA Housing Executive and
President of Sozialbau, Vienna.

Tod Manrell has been appointed President of the World Council of
Credit Unions after the deaths of Gus Murray and Al Williams (see
below). He is presently serving his sixth year as Chairman of the
Credit Union Central of Canada and has been a member of the WOCCU
Board since 1988.

Nelly Mitchell, World Council's language services specialist, has
accepted the position of World Council programme specialist for the
European Region.

Roald Quaglia, Director of Coop Geneve (Switzerland), retired in
September. He was succeeded by Raymond Lechaire, Director of Coop

Alan Rhodes, one of the Co-operative Movement's best known figures,
retired as Secretary of CRS (UK). He dedicated 44 years of service to
the Co-operative Movement.

Isao Takamura,  Honorary President of JCCU, was awarded he Second
Class Order of the Sacred Treasure by the Japanese Government in
recognition of his outstanding contribution to social welfare through
almost fifty years of co-op activities.

Theodora Turula, World Council's new programme officer for the
European Region, first discovered credit unions when she was four,
when her parents emigrated from Ukraine to the US where they joined
Selfreliance Ukrainian Federal Credit Union in Chicago. 

Will Watkins, former Director of ICA celebrated his 101st birthday
on 5 December 1994. A water fountain, donated by the Oxford Swindon
and Gloucester Co-operative Society to the nursing home where Will
now lives, was inaugurated on the occasion.