Review of Co-operative Principles Nears Completion

ICA News: Issue No 6/1994

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Dr. Ian MacPherson of Canada, responsible for coordinating the
current review of the Co-operative Principles for the ICA, reported
to the ICA Board during its meeting in Prague on October 28.

The current draft of the Co-operative Declaration for the 21st
Century-consisting of an identity page, background paper, and vision
statement-has been circulated to ICA members and has been a topic
for discussion at all Regional Assemblies.

On the basis of reactions to this draft from ICA members, the
Regional Assemblies, and the Board, Dr. MacPherson will prepare a
revised version in January 1995, which will be submitted for final
approval to the ICA Board in April 1995.  The Board will then be
responsible for any last amendments to the identity statement, and
for submitting the final document to the ICA's Manchester Congress
in September 1995.