Co-op People

Co-op People

Senator Bob Dole, received the National Co-operative Business Association's
(NCBA) prestigious Honoured Co-operator award on Thursday, January 26, in
Washington, D.C. The award is presented each January to a Member of
Congress who has demonstrated support for co-operatives on Capitol Hill.

Jean-Francois Hoffelt, is taking over the General Secretariat of Febecoop
from January 1st.  The former General Secretary, Roger Ramaekers, will
become Chairman of the Federation, assisted in this task by two
Vice-Chairmen: Jacques Forest (Chairman of the Association of European
Co-operative and Mutual Insurers) and William Janssens (Chairman of the
European Union of Social Pharmacies).

Michael Kitchen, has been named President and Chief Executive Officer of
the CUNA Mutual Group and the Century Companies of America, headquartered
in Madison, Wisconsin.  Kitchen is currently President of The CUMIS Group
of Canada and a member of  the Board of Credit Union Central of Canada

Birgitta Lindstrom, Folksam's International Secretary, will be leaving the
Swedish co-operative insurance company in March to work as a consultant to
Thierry Jeantet, Managing Director of EURESA, the joint venture of five
European co-operative and mutual insurance companies.  Folsam's Chief
Executive, Hakan Tidlund, has announced that her international work at
Folksam, including liaison with ICA, ICMIF, and membership on the Board of
the Swedish Co-operative Centre, will be assumed by Ellis Wohlner.

Rt Hon Alfred Morris AO QSO MP, has been awarded the U.K. Co-operative
Movement's highest national honour by being elected President of the
Co-operative Congress.  He will preside over the 1995 Co-operative
Congress, the annual "parliament"  of the Co-op, which will be held in
Edinburgh from May 28 to 30.

Joon-Hyang Ryuh, Vice prsident of Korean Federation of Community Credit
Co-operatives, was elected as Chairman and President of KFCC on February
28, 1995.  Kyu-E Lee, Chairman and President of Korean Federation of
Community Credit Cooperatives will retire from both positions on March 14,

Robby Tulus, was recently made the official representative of the Canadian
Co-operative Association effective this January 16, 1995.  He will continue
his work from the CCA's Manila office as Senior Policy Advisor of the
International Co-operative Alliance as well as the CCA, for the Asia
Pacific region. All future communication and correspondence should be sent
to the new  CCA Representative Office at: 42 Eisenhower Street;
Greenhills, San Juan 1502;  Metro Manila, Philippines.  Tel. / fax:


George Ganneby, first President of the International Co-operative and
Associated Tourism Organisation (TICA), died on 22 February 1995, quietly
in his sleep.

William Pascoe, ("Will") Watkins, the "Grand Old Man" of British
Co-operation,  died on January 1, 1995  at the age of 101.

Wolfgang Seibt, head of the department Participation and Projects in VdK
(Federation of Consumer Co-operatives, Germany) died in on February 11 1995
following a long and serious illness.