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***ICA Women's Committee***

The Creation of an Informal Women's Network

ICA Women's Committee has decided to establish an informal network. in
Europe to "address problems of discrimination through an exchange of
information, prevent feelings of isolation by giving mutual support, and
influence decision making to enable the progress of women."

Due to lack of resources it was not possible to create a formal European
Regional Women's Committee, however the Committee believes that an informal
'network' will prove to be a inexpensive and effective solution in the
exchange of ideas for the advancement of women.

Among the suggestions for raising the status of women were the circulation
of a mailing list, the publication of a newsletter, electronic
communications via the Internet, and more coverage of Women's issues in ICA
publications and members' magazines.

It was also suggested that a representative from each organisation could
communicate information to 'networkers' in their own region to keep mailing
costs down.

Some recent efforts include a Gender Issues Report in the current ICA
Review, the formation of a small task force consisting of Moira Lees, Mary
Treacy, and Raija Itkonen (ICA Board member) to prepare reports for the
Centennial Congress 1995,  and the future ICA Women's Committee seminar
which promises to include subjects such as: "training and re-training in
management skills relevant to a changing economic scenario, practices which
discriminate against women, childcare provision and maternity leave,
environmental protection, consumer rights, and laws and their effect on
women's rights."