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ICA Agricultural Committee meets in Brazil

The Executive of the ICA Agriculture Committee continued work on a number
of on-going issues at its 19 April meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil:

*       The Committee finalised its contribution to the
        "Co-operative Agenda 21", which will be presented to the
        ICA Congress in Manchester;

*       It approved a new programme for the exchange of export
        managers in order to promote business development between
        member organisations;

*       It agreed to finalise its new continental structure,
        including the election of continental Vice-Presidents, at
        its plenary meeting in Manchester in September; and

*       It approved an agree-ment for collaborative activities with
        COGECA, which will avoid the need for the Agriculture
        Committee to establish its own European committee.

Committee Chairman Roberto Rodrigues also reported on the
development of an agreement between the Agriculture Committee and
FAO, following his recent meeting with the FAO Director-General.  The
Committee's participation at the 50th anniversary meetings of FAO in
October, as well as at the IFAP Standing Committee on Agricultural
Co-operatives, will be decided upon at its next meeting, in