ICA Centennial Congress

ICA Centennial Congress

ICA Board Prepares for Centennial Congress

At its meeting in Sao Paulo  on 18-20 April, the ICA  Board spent
considerable time reviewing and amending the final draft of the
Co-operative Identity Statement and Declaration, whose preparation has been
coordinated by Dr. Ian MacPherson of Canada.

The final documentation-consisting of a Resolution from the Board, the
Identity Statement, an accompanying Background Paper, and a Co-operative
Declaration Towards the 21st Century-will be presented to the ICA
Centennial Congress and General Assembly in Manchester in September.

As part of its regular review of ICA's finances, the Board expressed
concern over those members who have failed to pay their subscription by the
end of March, as stipulated in the Rules.  It was decided, therefore, that
member organisations which have still not paid their fees by the end of May
will not be allowed to attend the Manchester Congress and General Assemby,
unless special leniency has been granted.

The Board also noted that, due to possible space limitations at the
Congress, it may be necessary to enforce the Rule which stipulates that the
number of observers sent by member organisations should not exceed the
number of representatives to which they are entitled.

Deadlines for the ICA Centennial Congress

During the General Assembly, elections will be held to fill vacancies on
the Board and Audit/Control Committee.  To date the following persons have
either resigned or announced their intention to resign in Manchester:

Lars Marcus - Sweden - President
Mitsugu Horiuchi - Japan - Vice-President
Momodou Dibba - Gambia - Vice-President
Leroy Larsen - Canada - Board Member
Frank Dahrendorf - Germany - Audit/Control Committee
In accordance with the ICA Rules, nominations for Vice-President are made
by the respective Regional Assemblies.  Other vacancies are to be filled by
nominations from member organisations, which should reach the ICA
Director-General by 22 June.

Member organisations wishing to submit Resolutions to the General Assembly
should do so before 22 August.

Documentation for the Congress and General Assembly will be sent by 22 July
to all participants who have registered before the deadline of 31 May.

What's on in Manchester?
10 - 23 September 1995
Co-operative Journalists and Communications Managers Workshop

The ICACC will organise a second workshop for young journalists immediately
prior to and during the ICA meetings. The first part of the workshop will
be held in Loughborough and the second part in Manchester, during which
participants will assist the ICACC to produce a Congress News Bulletin.
Participants will exchange experiences and learn to apply new technology
and methodology, while brushing up their basic journalistic skills.
Workshops on Desk Top Publishing and the use of E-mail and the Internet
will be included in the Curriculum.
Contact: Laura Wilcox
Tel: (41 22) 929 88 28 Fax: *

16 September 1995
Symposium on the International Joint Project on Co-operative Democracy

Delegates to this Symposium will discuss the Report from the
International Joint Project which will be presented to the General
Assembly on 20 September. Participants can choose two workshops from
five on Expanding Members Participation, the Relationship between
Members and Management, Innovation of Organisational Structure,
Expanding the Relationship with Employee Participation and Economic
and Social Responsibility.Transportation and Symposium Costs will be
borne by the Project organisation. 

Contact: Iain Macdonald, Membership Development Office, Scottish
Co-op, 95 Morrison Street, Glasgow G5 8LP, United Kingdom.

17 September 1995
Communications Seminar and Open Forum

The Seminar entitled " Media the Message and the New Millennium" will
discuss the Communications Superhighway and how it can be used to spread
the Co-operative Message.
Contact: Mary Treacy, ICA
Tel: (41 22) 929 88 23 Fax: *

18 September 1995
International Co-operative Health and Social Care Forum

This Forum aims to facilitate the exchange of experience and promote
international co-operation. It will present different co-operative social
care models and define the best forms of national, regional and
international co-operation and analyse the feasibility of a new specialised
Contact: Arsenio Invernizzi
Tel: (41 22) 929 88 33 Fax: *

18 - 22 September 1995
Third International Co-operative Youth Seminar

Young People, Co-operation and the Media will encourage the sharing and
exchange of experiences on co-operative involvement through a programme of
workshops, study sessions, discussion and visits.
Contact: Melvyn Wilson, UK Co-op College
Tel: (44 1509) 852 333
Fax: (44 1509) 856 500

19 September 1995 - 10:00 - 12:30
INCOTEC Plenary Session

Participants will discuss a paper proposing a new global HRD framework.

19 September 1995 - 14:00 - 17:30
INCOTEC Workshop

Networking as a Tool for Strengthening HRD in Co-ops
Participants will learn about experiences of HRD networks in Africa, Asia
and Latin America, and will discuss the promise and problems of networking.
The discussion will seek to relate to the proposed new global HRD
Contacts: Jan-Eirik Imbsen
Tel: (41 22) 929 88 17 Fax: *
Yehudah Paz, Fax: (972 9) 421 868

* (4122) 798 41 22