Are Some More Equal Than Others?

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                         October 1995

             Are Some More Equal Than Others?

The article by Doub Mellgren of Associated Press, which is
quoted below appeared in the Seatlte Times and  was circulated
by E-mail.

A recent UN study supports what women worldwide have long
known: Most are over-worked, underpaid and under-appreciated.

The UN Human Development Report  found that, in country after
country, women do 53 percent of the total work. "If women's
work were accurately reflected in national statistics it would
shatter the myth that men are the main breadwinners of the
world," according to Mahbub ul Haq, a former Pakistani Finance
Minister, who led  the team which compiled the report. "The
male commu-nity is going to hate us," he said.

However, Haq believes that men will also lose out by
discri-minating against women. "To deny women full
participation in economic and social develop-ment is to rob
future generations of the opportunity to reach their full
potential," he said.

Gender-Adjusted Rankings
Here are the top and bottom 10 countries of 130 nations on the
United Nations gender-related development index. The top
countries were those considered to have approached gender

1.   Sweden
2.   Finland
3.   Norway
4.   Denmark
5.   United States
6.   Australia
7.   France
8.   Japan
9.   Canada
10.  Austria
121. Burundi
122. Chad
123. Mozambique
124. Ethiopia
125. Guinea
126. Burkina Faso
127. Niger
128. Mali
129. Sierra Leone
130. Afghanistan