New ICA Programme in Eastern and Central Europe

     This document has been made available in electronic 
    format by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         October 1995

     New ICA Programme in Eastern and Central Europe

The ICA Women's Committee and the  Co-op Network have launched a
new Women~s Programme for  Central and Eastern Europe. The
Programe, which is financed by the Commission of the European
Communities under the Phare Democracy Programme, aims to increase
women's managerial and organizational skills, thereby enhancing
their access to decision-making levels within co-operative
movements in the region. The programme includes training and the
establishment of networks.

The Programme will begin with a  three-day seminar entitled
"Women's Financial Security - Needs, Finances and Opportunities".
The seminar, the date and location of which has not yet been
communicated to ICA, will consist of lectures by legal and
financial experts, group work and panel discussions focusing on
the identification of women's needs, rights and opportunities for
achieving financial independence and security. The target group
will be women co-operators from Western, Eastern and Central
European Co-operative Organisations. 

There is also a three-week course on "Management and Gender
Perspectives" in the pipeline. This will be organised in
collaboration with the  Histradrut Levinson Institute in Israel
and will target co-operators (both women and men) from all over
the world. 

The ICA Women's Committee is a specialised committee within the
International Co-operative Alliance. It was set up in 1965 and
currently has 39 members from some 25 countries worldwide. The
Committee works for equal opportunities between women and men and
gender integration in the co-operative movement and in the wider

The Network was set up in 1993 and is part of the ICA's European
Region. Based in Geneva the Network is headed by Mats Ahnlund,