Research Committee Elects New Chairman

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     by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA
                     February 1996

        Research Committee Elects new Chairman

Roger Spear from the UK Open University has been nominated as the new
chairman of the ICA Research Committee. Formal nomination took place at the
plenary meeting  in Manchester on September 18, the second day of an open,
two-day long Co-operative Research Forum  held in connection with the ICA
Centenary Congress.

The excellent developments of the ICA research activities over the last ten
years were recalled by several speakers during the meeting. These formerly
modest annual research officer meetings have become an impressive
organisation that arranges major forums and symposiums for both university
people and managers of co-operative organisations. At the same time the
range of topics dealt with in the meetings has increased considerably to
cover all possible forms and aspects of co-operative activities.

Roger Spear, the new chairman, intends to continue the Research Committee's
future work upon much the same lines advocated by Sven Ake Book. He
stressed the importance of keeping the forums and seminars truly open and
believes this is best achieved by keeping the participation fees low. To do
this successfully the Committee needs financial subsidies.

Roger Spear also stressed the benefits of preserving the meetings as
dialogue forums of practitioners and academics. Many excellent research
reports unfortunately do not reach all the interested readers and this was
seen as a major challenge to include within the ICA communications

Kalevi Suomela