Second ICA Co-operative Health Forum

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     by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA
                     February 1996

    24 Countries at Second ICA Co-operative Health Forum

The 2nd International Co-operative Health and Social Care Forum held on 18
September brought together 117 representatives and observers from 24
countries across the world to exchange experiences on the issue in
Manchester. Michael Stubbs from the United Nations Department for Policy
Coordination and Sustainable Development and  Chandra Mouli from the World
Health Organization also participated and gave their support to the
The very critical situation in most third world countries and the shifting
of priorities to other more attractive issues in the first world resulted
in the Japanese taking the lead in convening co-operatives involved in
medical, social care and related issues to the first Forum during the 1992
Congress in Tokyo. Recognising the relevance and importance of the subject,
ICA took the initiative to organise the 2nd Forum on the subject at the
Centennial Congress.

Speakers from four regions presented their experiences and national as well
as sectoral case studies completed the picture on the present situation in
the health and social care sector.

As a conclusion of the discussion the following relevant recommendations
were drawn up:
* an agreement in principle on the creation of a new ICA specialised body
for the co-operative health and social care sector;
* an agreement for an interim Steering Committee comprised of
representatives from each ICA region;
* an agreement for analysing and preparing a background study to be
presented to the ICA Board concerning the establishment of a new
specialised body on health and social care.

The Steering Committee had its first meeting after the Forum and agreed on
the work plan. Members of the Committee are: Dr. S.Kato, Medical Co-op
Committee of JCCU, Japan - Chairman and representative of the Asian region;
Dr. Arnaldo Silvestre Mallmann, Director of UNIMED, Brazil - representative
of the American Region; and Dr. Francisco Carreno, Vice-President of
Espriu Foundation, Spain - representative of Europe. Secretary of the
Steering Committee is Arsenio Invernizzi, Senior Project Analyst of ICA
Head Office, Geneva.

The members agreed to contribute  in equal proportion to the direct costs
of support activities provided by ICA Secretariat for the Committee for a
period of six months.

The Committee would be responsible - in consultation with the Health
Organisations of each ICA Region - for drafting the rules, members
provisions, funding formula, definition of work strategies and programme,
and staff requirements of the new ICA body.

Gabriella Sozanski