Concern for Fisherfolk

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     by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA
                     February 1996

                Concern for Fisherfolk

The ICA Fisheries Committee which met on 18 September showed great concern
for the economic and physical well-being of the fisherfolk who constitute
the weakest of the weak. Members from India and the Republic of Korea
suggested more insurance for the fisherfolk as sea fishing endangers their
lives. Marketing of their catch so as to get a suitable price was thought
necessary, too, because in the absence of a strong marketing
infrastructure, the exploitation of fishermen still continues unabated.

A representative from Japan suggested that fisheries co-ops need to be
further strengthened so as to face competition. He said fisheries co-ops in
Japan transact over 60 per cent of Japan's total annual fisheries
production and greatly contribute to the development of fishing

The committee decided to hold ICA Fisheries Committee ODA (Overseas
Development Agency) seminars in India and Sri Lanka in November-December,

M.L. Sharma