Europe Elects New Leader

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     by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA
                     February 1996

              Europe Elects New Leader

On 19 September in Manchester, the ICA European Regional Assembly agreed on
the following priorities for the ICA work programme for 1996-1997:
*  Strengthening of co-operatives in Eastern and Central Europe;
*  Code of practice, governing methods and management control systems;
*  Sustainable human development.
*  Gender issues as part of all programmes and activities;
*  Co-operative image in Europe: improvinginformation and communication.

Some of these issues must also be followed up from a global perspective or
in certain cases included in the development of cross-border collaboration
between the national and/or sectoral co-operative movements.

Elections took place also at the Regional Assembly where Lars Hillbom,
candidate of KF, Sweden, was elected Chairman for a term up to 1997. The
other candidate for Chairmanship,  Giuliano Vecchi, remained member of the
European Council. Raija Itkonen of Finland is the new Vice Chair in
addition to Ota Karen (Czech Republic). The meeting also elected one new
member, Hans Detlef W=FClker, candidate of the German co-operative movement
and co-opted Juan Luis Arrieta from Euskadi, Spain in place of Javier Sanz.
Other members of the Council are: P.Bartus - Hungary, V.Ermakov - Russia,
J.-F.Hoffelt - Belgium, E.Pflimlin - France, K.Rasmussen - Denmark, M.Rybar
- Slovak Republic and R.Trodin - Sweden.

Gregory Prouttskov and
Codruta Angelescu